Kate Umsted

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Where are you from?
Memphis, TN

What is your favorite service at the spa?
Facials are my favorite service. I have a true passion for changing skin. I also, love being able to be the person who may be able take stress out someone’s day with facial massage.

What inspired you to become a professional?
I am a product junkie! I love experimenting with new products and seeing how they may change my skin. It was only natural for me to spiral into aesthetics.

What do you love about your job?
Being able to help someone improve their skin and make them feel good about themselves is such a wonderful gift!

Where is your favorite travel destination?
My husband and I went to Jamaica before we had children. We were able to head into the mountains and see their culture and how the people live their day to day lives. It was my favorite part of our tropical trip.

Tell us about your career before joining LaBella Skin Bar
I have been in the Esthetician field for 12 years now in East Memphis. I have spent those years perfecting my technique on changing people’s skin and can not wait to share it in Germantown, TN. I am so excited for this opportunity and to broaden my horizon!